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I just want a table, but you want my life story

I just went to book a table in a restaurant, and was pretty astounded by how bad the user experience of the online booking service was. It all started ok, choose a date, time, number of people – ie the stuff I know … Continue reading

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New online presence for Teehan+Lax

Love the process – “From the get-go, we wanted to create a site that would work across a wide range of devices and screens sizes. We sketched out our mobile screens first, then worked up to tablets, standard, large and … Continue reading

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Paw friendly touchscreens

Interesting UI challenge – designing a touchscreen interface for a cat(!)

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Drag to share

Al just showed me this, an unusual approach that invites users to share images on the Hollywood Reporter website. Hovering an image shows an option to “drag and share”, which, when selected, reveals a drag and drop interface to share … Continue reading

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Mubaloo reveal their project process

Bristol based Mubaloo are one of the UK’s largest mobile application development companies.  With several applications being developed across multiple platforms at any one time, the best fitting methodology and process is key to ensure a successful and smooth delivery to our … Continue reading

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Scroll down to scroll right

Unusual UI approach over at – scrolling down actually scrolls the page content across, instead of the usual vertical movement. Interestingly, I’ve shown this to quite a few people now, and none of them found it counter intuitive, presumably as scrolling down intrinsically means “show … Continue reading

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The Avon Cycleway and the art of getting lost

Had my first attempt at cycling the entire Avon Cycleway in one hit yesterday (85 miles). This is a great cycle route that I’ve cycled parts of over the last year or two, it goes up to the Severn Bridge on the … Continue reading

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When pagination goes bad

Pagination for your pagination? This is a classic oversight at the early stage of development, clearly no one considered what might happen when pages get into double figures. Nice solution to the problem in place over at

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Wagamamas reinvent the “new window” icon

Just been checking out the new Wagamamas mobile site and noticed the use of the + icon on “show map”. I presumed this did a toggle reveal, as that’s the only way I’ve ever seen it used, but it opened Google Maps in a … Continue reading

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Facebook Like vs Recommend

Confused when to use “Recommend” rather than “Like” on your Facebook buttons? This is a perfect example of when you should use the “Recommend” option. They both have the same functionality, but the subtle wording change is just so appropriate here. Example:

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