Google Glass

Google have released more details of Glass, the wearable device that adds an augmented reality layer to your vision. The video above shows what the device will be capable of – and ‘how it feels’.

For me this is incredibly exciting, truly frictionless interaction must be the goal on anyone working in UX. The UI looks great too, using the simple and elegant interfaces that we’ve been seeing in Google Now and so on. A product as revolutionary as this raises some questions of course, privacy being the big one. But for now, lets enjoy the utopian possibilities – dystopia is for when the honeymoon period is over (and when we remember that voice control is terrible to use). Hats of to Google for this one – I’m sold, if I could get one now and it wasn’t crazily priced (they claim it will be the same price as a smart phone), I would.

The full details (so far) can be found at

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