Preparing for Birth app

A project that I’ve been involved with has just come to fruition: a new smartphone app that helps mums-to-be get ready for the rather daunting task of giving birth.

The app is designed to help expecting mums feel confident and prepared for labour by giving them practical tools and expert advice; with features such as to-do checklists, timely tips from medical experts and experienced mums, a contraction timer and useful articles. The app also includes a personalised birth announcer so mums can share the news of their new arrival with the world; upload a photo of their newborn, add a message, choose a visual theme and share with family and friends.

Features and content for the app were identified by conducting user research; i.e. talking to recent mums to discover what they would have found helpful during pregnancy, and then discussing and validating our ideas with health care professionals, such as midwives and pregnancy advisors. I was running the UX side of the project so was very much instrumental in shaping its features and functionality, as well as designing the UI. It’s been a great project to be involved with – kudos to the brilliant team at The Real Adventure. It’s currently ranked number 3 in the app store under the health & fitness category.

Download the app from the App store.

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