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The Time Is Right For Brands To Join The AR Revolution

Article original posted on the Zone website Augmented reality is about to explode – and the opportunities for brands to cash in are plentiful, says Zone senior UX designer James Reece… Beyond the hype and the novelty, the thing that’s … Continue reading

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How to write a problem statement

An example of a quick, simple framework for describing the problem your team will be solving. the specific problem, or user need, the team is addressing the result of the problem the situation, explaining why the problem is a priority … Continue reading

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Eric Reis discusses the ‘The 5 Whys’

Eric Reis discusses Toyota’s famous technique for identifying root causes. More here

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Scaling Agile @ Spotify with Tribes, Squads, Chapters & Guilds

Old gold: how Spotify attempted to solve some of the problems inherent in having large cross discipline Agile teams

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The Sean Ellis Test

Sean Ellis ran a consulting company, 12in6, that specialized in helping startups during their growth transition stage (post Product/Market Fit). As a condition to taking on a client, he conducted a qualitative survey across a sampling of the company’s users … Continue reading

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3 types of reasoning: Deductive, Inductive and Abductive

Deductive reasoning is the traditional form of reasoning you’ll be familiar with from pure maths or physics. You start with a general hypothesis, then use evidence to prove (or disprove) its validity. In business, this type of thinking is probably … Continue reading

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