Welcome to the personal blog and portfolio of James Reece, Bristol UX designer. I’ve given this website the tagline of “field notes from the web”; it’s my digital space where I can record the things I make, do, and learn.

I’ve been commercially involved in digital for well over 10 years now, working as a designer, developer, animator, and planner. During that time I’ve worked for a diverse range of clients, including the BBC, Red Bull, Channel 4, Sony, Universal Music, Samsung, Warner Brothers, BP and Cisco, and helped scoop a Webby Award. I currently work for Bristol based marketing heavy weights, The Real Adventure.

I’m a keen cyclist and music fan, ex-skater, occasional VJ and lover of the Cornish coastline, where I grew up. You can follow me on Twitter, join my network on Linked in, check out my snaps on Instagram, and see what I’m listening to over at Last.fm and Spotify.

Feel free to get in touch and say hello.

Thanks for looking!

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