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Cognitive Bias – Ultimate Guide

Simon from Geek Wrapped got in touch asking if I’d link to their article on Cognitive Biases, something Ive written about here before. Here it is for your reading pleasure – The Cognitive Bias Survival Guide. Nice work team Geek … Continue reading

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The evolution of status

Status used to be about having a bigger car or a bigger house. Now status chiefly comes from our reputation – the stuff we can share online. So actually it’s our experiences; the things that we can show people that … Continue reading

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Mappa Mundi

The Hereford Mappa Mundi is the largest medieval map known to still exist. It is a map drawn up by medieval monks to depict our world, based on myths, legend and the monks imagination of distant lands. Beautiful, but laughably … Continue reading

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3 types of reasoning: Deductive, Inductive and Abductive

Deductive reasoning is the traditional form of reasoning you’ll be familiar with from pure maths or physics. You start with a general hypothesis, then use evidence to prove (or disprove) its validity. In business, this type of thinking is probably … Continue reading

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Scarcity Effect

WORCHEL, LEE, AND ADEWOLE (1975) asked people to rate chocolate chip cookies. They put 10 cookies in one jar and two of the same cookies in another jar. The cookies from the two-cookie jar received higher ratings—even though the cookies … Continue reading

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The final word on ‘the fold’ debate

There is a piece of feedback that strikes fear in the heart of any designer: “But what about the fold?”. For many people in the design community, this issue is dead and buried. For clients, less so. But what’s the … Continue reading

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8 tricks of psychology for better customer experiences

At The Real Adventure Unlimited, we design for people. Every day, we plan, design and develop products and services that people interact with. In order to do this effectively, a deep understanding of the audience is key. By tapping into … Continue reading

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