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Mappa Mundi

The Hereford Mappa Mundi is the largest medieval map known to still exist. It is a map drawn up by medieval monks to depict our world, based on myths, legend and the monks imagination of distant lands. Beautiful, but laughably … Continue reading

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The Time Is Right For Brands To Join The AR Revolution

Article original posted on the Zone website Augmented reality is about to explode – and the opportunities for brands to cash in are plentiful, says Zone senior UX designer James Reece… Beyond the hype and the novelty, the thing that’s … Continue reading

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How to write a problem statement

An example of a quick, simple framework for describing the problem your team will be solving. the specific problem, or user need, the team is addressing the result of the problem the situation, explaining why the problem is a priority … Continue reading

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Coming together to do great things is the secret to design success

In this week’s Digital Distractions, senior UX designer James Reece – a member of the BIMA Hot 100 ­– explains how breaking down boundaries produces the best digital results… Have you heard the one about the UX designer, front-end dev … Continue reading

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The final word on ‘the fold’ debate

There is a piece of feedback that strikes fear in the heart of any designer: “But what about the fold?”. For many people in the design community, this issue is dead and buried. For clients, less so. But what’s the … Continue reading

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IPIA Conference

I’m excited to be speaking at the IPIA Conference tomorrow, where I’ll be talking about Natural User Interfaces and touchless interaction. More info here:

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The Nouvelle Vague

‘What I learnt about these headlines shocked me to my core. Here’s what you need to know.’ Link-bait. We’ve all fallen victim to it at some point. Those links that are deliberately vague, yet subtly claim that they will somehow … Continue reading

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AI: horror or delight?

Artificial intelligence (AI), as you no doubt already know, is an umbrella term for intelligent software and computing. For software to be deemed intelligent, it needs to be capable of things like reasoning, knowledge, planning, learning, communication and perception; in … Continue reading

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Touchless interaction – why the future is about letting go

It seems like just the other day we were discussing the move away from the mouse to the touchscreen, but such is the current pace of technological change and innovation, that now the talk is of a ‘post touch screen’ … Continue reading

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Ten tips for successful Calls to Action

How to win friends and influence people The ‘Call to Action’ (or CTA), is a ubiquitous marketing term used to describe a graphic or piece of text that prompts a user to take a desired next step. In print, a … Continue reading

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